Suit Fabrics by Weight & Season Custom Tailored Suits

Autumn / Winter Fabrics

These fabrics are most appropriate in autumn & winter. They are either heavier worsted wools (11 oz+) or lighter (9 oz, 10 oz) but have a weave, texture or finish that are typical of autumn / winter fabrics: flannels & tweeds, among others. Having autumn suits and winter suits in your wardrobe is both a stylish and practical way to ensure your warmth when the months turn chilly.


All Seasonal Fabrics: Light-Weight

These fabrics are appropriate for all seasons but they are most appropriate as summer suits. They are light (8-9 oz) and highly breathable, which you'll quickly begin to love as the warmer climate temperatures begin to rise.


All Seasonal Fabrics: Mid-Weight

These fabrics are appropriate for all seasons - at 10 oz, they are very durable yet not too heavy. Four season, or 'mid-weight suits' are a great option for anyone, but particularly those just starting to building their collection as they can be worn all year. Customise the suits to your preferences from the 'Customize Now' button - For greatest versatility, we recommend a 2-button opening with notch lapels, but the choice is yours!


Spring / Summer Fabrics

These fabrics are most appropriate in spring & summer. They may be light wools, at 7 oz or 8 oz, usually in a tropical weave. Or they may contain cotton or linen, regardless of their weight. You can get by with mid-weight suits on many warm days, but when temperatures reach extremes, you'll be relieved that you ordered one of these summer suits.