European Style

Straight from the production line

Because you probably have enough stuff made in China. Get your custom suit online - made in Europe from the best Italian wool for the ultimate style boost, tailored & delivered in 30 days.

Original Italian Fabrics

Feel the Difference

The best men's suits are tailored from the best cloth - this means pure merino wool fabric, woven in the traditional mills of Italy and England.

We produce close to the best mills in the world, with ZERO transportation & duty costs - and we pass the savings on to You.



All Oliver Wicks suits are made using a proper half-canvas construction with pad-stitched lapels. This method not only improves the drape & durability of the suit, but also results in a gently curved lapel roll which looks & feels far better than the stiff pressed lapels on fused garments.

Full-canvas construction is also an option, available for all made-to-measure suits.

How it works

Submit your measurements online in just 15 minutes following our videos. Have no fear! We will review the numbers and get in touch to make sure we work with the best set of numbers for your suit.

(We use lots of predictive modelling - and we are very good at this!)

What if it doesn’t fit?


Your suit will be delivered right to your door at no extra charge. Return shipping is also free.


Need to make some adjustments for a perfect fit? We have you covered - for a full year!


We are here to help!
Email us at for a swift response!

Thousands of happy customers

James Lu

“I'd like to say you guys did a wonderful job. The tux fits perfectly and the workmanship is beyond my expectation. I can honestly say you guys have lifted the bar of the online MTM business. ”

David Chiaro

“The suit made of the best material, fit perfectly to measurements given as well as the customer service and the reimbursement guarantee. You can't find any better deal in any US store/manufacturer.”

Chris Thompson

“By far the most natural shoulder I have ever received in a suit. Fabric is fantastic. Took 5 days to ship from their shop in Europe to my home in Atl. Bobby provides excellent support and service.”

Wyatt Taylor

“The suit I purchased fit almost perfect, just one slight adjustment from my tailor and Oliver Wicks picked up the tab! If you're look for a place to buy a custom suit, look no further!”

Alexandre Araldi

“My best experience in tailoring ever ! Thank you all and particularly Steffy! I'll be back soon! ”

Asif Patel

“The suit is amazing, I couldn't have asked for anything better. The fit and finish is top notch, this is by far the best fitting suit I've ever had. The service was excellent from day 1! ”

David Chiaro

“Excellent material, excellent customer service and excellent delivery service. The suit fits unlike any US retail chain product and IS LESS than US costs ($). Will buy more suits and refer others.”

Reed Gann

“Overwhelmed my expectations in every regard. Communication, customer service, website, quality and fit of product, shipping, everything--above and beyond. I will ABSOLUTELY be ordering again!!!”

Louis Huang

“I made the mistake of ordering during peak season and had to wait a bit longer, but Bobby did everything he can to ensure a customer is satisfied, can't praise the service enough, will order again.”

Luke Cuculis

“I can't say enough good things about Oliver Wicks - the suit is gorgeous, and is complimented frequently, the service was the best of any company I have purchased from. I will be back for more!”

Max Greene

“Thank you, Oliver Wicks! My suit fit perfectly right out of the box, and the fabric felt incredible. And their customer service can't be beat. I will definitely get my next suit from Oliver Wicks.”

Scott Geiger

“This is the best fitting suit that I ever put on. We will see how the material holds up throughout time. I will definitely be ordering more suits. ”