The eyes are the window to the soul” – An artist brings a portrait to life with the eyes, and in a similar manner, a gentlemen’s tie is an essential focal point to convey personal style. There are two main elements to necktie sophistication – The quality of the tie itself, which is where we come in, and neat presentation. Just like our suits, our neckties are produced from Italian fabrics (in this case, silk), in a range of small & large prints, stripes, and plain designs. Why silk? It’s luxurious, but you knew that already. High-quality silk is the tailor's choice in Italian ties not solely for its softness, but also because it is resilient to wrinkling, and it has compositional characteristics that hold a knot well, but then “bounce back” into shape afterward. Take some time on your tie collection. Splashing some money here is a smart investment, offering a high sartorial reward, for a relatively low spend.