Get A Tuxedo from ANY Of Our Fabrics

Did You Know… We can tailor tuxedos from ANY fabric within our Custom Suits collection!

Fabric options for tuxedos are NOT limited to our Tuxedo category, which just gives you a taste of what our tuxedo designs look like.

Why Do We Only Show A Few Options on The Tuxedo Page?

The garments worn by our models are real suits that we’ve tailored specifically for the photoshoots. Usually, we stick to the most popular 2-button design for the images, but you will find examples of different designs, including tuxedos, on certain fabrics just to show what we can do.

We’d love to be able to demonstrate every style, for every suit, but instead of using up all of our fabric for photoshoots, we’d rather make a suit for you!

How To Order A Tuxedo From ANY Fabric

  • It’s easy, safe, and secure!
  • Please complete the checkout process with regular suit customisations selected, then leave a note in the ORDER NOTES box on the PAYMENT INFORMATION – ORDER SUMMARY page, and follow up with an email to stating that you’d like this order to be a tuxedo.
  • We will then discuss your customisations and measurements via email, and begin production only when everything is confirmed. This will also be an opportunity for us to answer any questions that you may have.
  • Please communicate with the same email address that’s associated with your Oliver Wicks profile, so that we can link your message to your order.
  • There are no additional charges for a tuxedo cut.

Why Own a Tuxedo?

Unless you are James Bond, many of us will not get to wear our tuxedo all that often. However, when we do get the opportunity, the tuxedo is our ultimate dream suit that we can use to present ourselves at our very best.

  • Perfect Fit: This is your time to shine, why settle for an ill-fitting rental!
  • Be The Man: Don’t walk around feeling self-conscious, this is your tux, tailored for you!
  • Invest Once: Let’s face it, 2 or 3 rentals in a lifetime is about the price of 1 forever option!
  • Impressive Photos: Look back on precious moments knowing that you ‘nailed it’!
  • Accessories: You’ve already got the tux. Now you can relax and explore different accessories.


Help from an enthusiastic Oliver Wicks tailor is never more than an email away!

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