Learn to Tie an Eldredge Knot The Easy Way with Oliver Wicks

Are you looking for a tie knot that’s happy to take the title of ‘the host with the most’? Then look no further than the Eldredge Knot. This is a tie knot that will turn heads and set tongues to wag wherever you go. If you’re sick of workaday knots and want to stand out from the crowd, this could be a match made in tie heaven for your natural style. So let’s see what all the talk is about!

The History of the Eldredge Knot

The Eldredge Knot is a veritable baby next to other, better-known tie styles, dating from 2007. It was the brainchild of Jeffrey Eldredge, who was not, as you might imagine, a High Street designer, but rather a bored systems administrator who wanted to shake things up. 

Instead of focusing on the chunky end of the tie, the Eldredge knot makes great use of the tail, giving you a fresher take on formal dress. It is futuristic and eye-catching, consisting of four clear diagonal bands with one visible horizontal band. While stunning, it can be a little ‘too much’ for some occasions.

When Should I Wear the Eldredge Knot?

If you, too, are a bored systems administrator in a relaxed company, you might get away with this one for work, but the Eldredge is a ‘play’ knot at heart. If you’re new to the world of stylish tie knots, you might want to back up a little and visit the Windsor and Half-Windsor first. Both are easier to tie, and are better accepted in the business environment. There’s also some other tie knot styles to brush up on before you reach for the Eldredge.

The Eldredge tie knot, on the other hand, is a knot for when you want to subtly turn heads and make fashionably out-there statements. It’s going to start conversations, and you’re going to get a lot of attention, so if you’re a bit shy, be prepared to shine. 

  • Collar: This is a lot of knot and you want to show it off! Use a wide collar.
  • Knot size: This is a medium-sized, even knot.
  • Symmetry: The Eldredge has none, being fully asymmetrical.
  • Best used: We recommend this for fashionable events with a relaxed dress code, social meets, and casual wear.
  • Pair with: We recommend a simpler outfit to let this knot shine. Think solid color or subtle ties. Avoid stripes, as the asymmetry can make stripes look off-balance.

How Do I Tie the Eldredge Knot?

Let’s get to the meat of the issue - how do you tie this mysterious, glamorous knot? While the Double or Trinity might be easier to learn, this one is well worth mastering. But, expect to practice quite a bit before it looks good! Like any fashionable skill, practice will make perfect.

Preparing Your Tie

Before you tackle the Eldredge, pop your collar and check that the top button of your shirt is closed, so the collar is sitting, as you will wear it, just raised. Drape the tie comfortably around your neck with the thin end to the left. Make sure the seams are down. As you work, make sure you build in a little slack, as you can’t really adjust the overall knot as you progress. It’s always easier to tighten a knot than loosen it. The thick end of the tie should stop exactly where you want it to when the knot is done. All in preparation for The Fit That Suits You!

Tying the Eldredge Knot

It’s time to get this knot done! We know it’s not (pun intended) always easy to follow along with text alone, so you can also take a look at this helpful mirrored video to assist. Remember, this is a fancy knot and will take time to master, so don’t feel bad if it’s slow going at first. You will soon be able to tie it as easily as other ones in your repertoire.

  1. Pinch the wide end of the tie for a perfect dimple. Bring the thin end in front of the thick end, making it fully horizontal.
  2. Wrap the thin end behind the cross shape you just created. This should run (again horizontally) right to left.
  3. Tick it through this loop now created around your collar.
  4. Bring the thin end, once again, horizontally across the thick end.
  5. Tuck the tip of this side through the loop at your collar, and this time flip it over the top of the knot. This will make it cross diagonally on a left to right axis.
  6. Gently pull it down until snug, so you have the diagonal band on the knot’s right side. Don’t pull too tight! This is a key anchor point of the knot, so take care.
  7. Now guide the thin end back around the rear of the knot and up through the diagonal band you created.
  8. Feed it through, and carefully pull tight. This makes a diagonal band on each side.
  9. Now guide the thin end directly upward. Tuck it behind the loop around your collar so it exits on the right of the knot.
  10. Loop it up and around the circle around the collar with a little slack.
  11. Tuck the very tip of the thin end down to the left, underneath the neck loop, and up through the new loop you just created.
  12. Flip it over the top of the collar loop.
  13. Tuck anything leftover out of sight. You might opt to place it behind the thick end, or allow it to slide in discreetly at the collar. 
  14. If you need to tighten the knot, gently pull the thick end. You can also ‘fan’ out the diagonal bands a little so they appear the same width. Remember, use a steady, even hand so you don’t pull too tight, as that’s difficult to correct.

That’s a lot of steps! But once you’ve seen the overall flow for the Eldredge, it needn’t be as intimidating as it first appears. Remember, practice it a few times to get the overall flow and rhythm to create an attractive knot.

The Eldredge is a statement piece. While you won’t wear it every day, it provides an eye-catching way to stand out from the crowd and really cement your place as a fashionable, well-dressed man. If you’ve got bored of classics like the Four-in-Hand and the Windsors, and want something challenging to create your own icon status, then the Eldredge knot might be exactly what you’re looking for. While you can’t expect to create this one perfectly on your first try, it will soon flow smoothly, and provides the perfect way to pep up a subtler tie that needs a little something to shine.

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