Know Your Blues

The Versatility Of The Blue Suit

By Paul Briden

It’s a sad thing when conventions that exist with good reason fall out of common knowledge and therefore go largely ignored - the dominance, in modern menswear, for example, of the black lounge suit, is completely at odds with what was once conventional wisdom.

There was a time when every man knew that black suits were for funerals or Black Tie events; and even this latter option was specifically a Dinner Suit or Tuxedo, not a regular black suit. Outside of these two very specific situations it was considered that the two most suitable suit colour options for men were grey or blue; of all manner of shades and variants appropriate for different occasions. Put simply, grey and blue suits have so much more life in them, and all men look great in a grey or blue suit. This is as true today as it ever was.

In this article we’re going to focus on blue, and it has been said by some that if a person can’t look good in blue then they cannot look good in anything! We jest, of course, but it’s very difficult to look bad in a good blue suit. Picking the right kind of blue, however, is an important factor in getting the look just right.

Mr. Magnet

Bold Blue Suit

Sometimes you just have to go all out! These vibrant blue tones throw caution to the wind, and are all about making a big, bold statement. Conjuring up the refreshing vibe of a Mediterranean quayside summer, if you’re after a fun suit to wear to sunny holiday brunches these are sure to fit the bill!

When to wear them: in summer or on any day you feel like kicking some a**.


Mr. Sophistication

Sophisticated blue suit

While Navy is a gentleman’s wardrobe staple, lighter mid-blue hues are a touch more versatile when it comes to situations outside the office or boardroom. They’re playful enough for more casual settings while still being sophisticated and flexible enough to fill the business role quite happily.

When to wear them: when you want to make a luxurious statement that is sure to impress.


Mr. Conservative

conservative blue suit

Arguably the starting point of a gentleman’s wardrobe as a whole, let alone the blues specifically, a deep Navy Blue guarantees an elegant, suave, and sophisticated style for any occasion, and can be dressed up or down as needed. If you need to look sharp with no quibbles, doubts, or fuss, pick a Navy suit.

Note that if you want to make it ultra-conservative (or have a job interview) go for black shoes.