Tropical Rustic Yellow Stripe Grey Suit

We often talk about subtle features, but this pattern is for those who like to be bold. The contrasting yellow ‘pin-head style’ dotted lines on this fabric are highly visible and most definitely add a summery, bright, energetic nature to the classic grey suit. With lightweight properties, this breathable summer outfit makes a wonderful suit but also doubles up as a strikingly beautiful Italian-quality summer blazer that you’d expect from Vitale Barberis Canonico.

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100% 21 MICRON WOOL Spring - Summer (8.5 oz). Stripes 3 cm (1.1/4") apart. Woven in Italy by Vitale Barberis Canonico.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Alterations are covered for 365 days - up to $125 per suit at your local tailor! You can also return for a full refund or request a remake within 30 days of delivery.


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Tropical Rustic Yellow Stripe Grey Suit - slider image 2