Tropical Rustic Grey Suit

Made from our lightest 100% wool fabric yet, this suit is all about lightness. It may not have the silky hand of all-seasonal twills but on hot summer days you will congratulate yourself on your choice nonetheless.

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CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU 15 minutes following our videos.
100% SUPER 120s WOOL Spring - Summer (7.5 oz). Woven in Italy by Vitale Barberis Canonico.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Alterations are covered for 365 days - up to $125 per suit at your local tailor! You can also return for a full refund or request a remake within 30 days of delivery.


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Customer Reviews

Alan Brudner
The quality of the materials
The final fit of your garment
Our service and support
The packaging
Speed, timely delivery
I bought 3 suits. Oliver Wicks worked with me to get the size right on the first, then made the next two. Quality materials, perfect fit, prompt work, and the staff are a pleasure. A great experience!