Teal Blue Wool Flannel Suit

Despite its usefulness and sharp appearance, navy blue isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of the well-dressed gentleman’s wardrobe. Other shades of blue are perfectly acceptable, and indeed desirable, as this teal blue wool flannel demonstrates. This colour gives a nice bit of variation from the normal navy, but is subtle and understated enough that it can safely be worn in the workplace, as well as being suitable for more casual occasions.

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CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU 15 minutes following our videos.
100% SUPER 100s WOOLEN FLANNEL Autumn / Winter (11 oz). Made in Italy by Vitale Barberis Canonico.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Alterations are covered for 365 days - up to $125 per suit at your local tailor! You can also return for a full refund or request a remake within 30 days of delivery.


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Matt Jaycox
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Oliver Wicks made this teal blue flannel suit in a double breast for me. And it is nothing short of gorgeous! I can't get over how good it looks. Great customer service as always.