Charcoal Plaid Natural Stretch Suit

Much like an 18 year old whisky, or a 1940’s Mercedes-Benz, a quality suit is all about quality materials, attention to detail and extraordinary build quality.

With a highly breathable Super 110S wool rating, and a soft, yet durable 270gr/mt fabric weight, this suit begs to be a part of the sophisticated gentleman’s collection. Suitable for the summer classic car show, or the winter cigar lounge sessions by the fire, this Reda Mill all-season fabric will add versatility, style and exquisite taste to your authentic Italian wardrobe.

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100% SUPER 110s WOOL All seasonal (9 oz). Woven in Italy by Reda
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Alterations are covered for 365 days - up to $125 per suit at your local tailor! You can also return for a full refund or request a remake within 30 days of delivery.


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