Blue Plaid Natural Stretch Pants

We’re always fans of a beautiful melange Italian fabric, and much like our instincts to continuously stare at an open fire, this fabric draws our eyes in every time.

Reda Mill has treated us all to this sublime mid-weight Super 110S fabric, providing Oliver Wicks an opportunity to tailor a superb year-round pants that you’ll love fresh out of the box, in your perfectly fitting custom measurements.

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FREE SHIPPING & RETURNS Tailored and delivered by October 03.
CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU 15 minutes following our videos.
100% SUPER 110s WOOL All seasonal (9 oz). Woven in Italy by Reda
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Alterations are covered for 365 days - up to $125 per suit at your local tailor! You can also return for a full refund or request a remake within 30 days of delivery.


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