Where to Buy Wedding Suits & Tuxedos Online in 2023

Are wedding bells ringing in your future? The savvy couple knows that the best way to stop those wedding bells from turning into alarm bells all too fast is to ensure their wedding attire is safely ordered from a fantastic supplier who will ensure their dream day comes to life just as they planned. You can’t control everything that happens on the Big Day, but you can make sure you both look fantastic no matter what! Today the Oliver Wicks team will dive deeper into the world of wedding suits and tuxedos, covering how and when to order, your best options to ensure a dream fit for your dream wedding, and everything else you ever wanted to know about this often-neglected side of dressing to say, “I do” in style.

Prepping for your Wedding Suit Plan

Before we jump into our list of vendors for men’s wedding suits, let’s talk about some basics. If you’re not sure what to wear for a wedding, no matter what your role in the celebration, we have a helpful guide that will soon have you feeling confident and ready to go. Your next port of call will be deciding on the overall colors for your wedding, as well as any thematic elements you may want to include. Bear in mind the season, venue, and time of day when planning these to ensure a cohesive and smooth overall look. Summer colors on a winter’s evening, or a tuxedo on the beach, can be a little jarring, to say the least! With these wedding planning basics in the bag, you’re ready to move on to choosing the wedding attire for the men at your wedding party.

Should I Rent or Buy a Tuxedo for My Wedding?

a close-up image of a black suit jacket paired with a white shirt

This is probably the most common question couples ask, and the answer will be very individual. Renting is typically the cheapest option, short-term at least, although there are some quality budget-to-buy options open to you that might rival it. It’s a simple and quick solution with little fuss and great for weddings with a super-tight budget. You may also simply not be comfortable asking your closest friends to throw down hundreds of dollars on your special day or want to leverage higher quality for less. 

However, if you plan carefully and are looking for classic colors, your groomsmen may appreciate owning a suit they can use again and again. Likewise, although reputable wedding rental shops take great care of their garments, some people still have hygiene concerns and other issues with renting. You’ll also find your choice of colors, styles, and sizes very limited, which could be awkward for ‘big & tall’ party members, people with non-typical physiques, or wedding parties coming from diverse geographic regions. Renting the day before the wedding as they arrive is just asking for trouble! In the end, this is a decision only you can make, weighing up the pros and cons of your specific ceremony.

Don’t forget, a wedding tuxedo/suit is probably going to be THE most important suit-wearing day of your life. In our opinion, this is an occasion well worth spending the money on buying a custom option. That way you can guarantee a great fit, with everything customised to your taste. As a bonus, you’ll keep the garments afterwards… Whether you chose to continue wearing them, or keep them purely as a memory, you own them, and can do with them as you please - that’s cool!

How Early Should I Order My Wedding Suit?

Honestly, the earlier, the better. For a made-to-measure or custom wedding suit option like Oliver Wicks, we will need 4-6 months lead time to ensure everything is perfect, and that’s pretty average. The larger the group, the more time you will need. Some vendors will offer rush delivery, but remember that the risk of a mishap occurring you won’t have time to fix will be a lot higher, too.

What Suits Are Suitable For Weddings?

Premium black two piece tuxedo by Oliver Wicks

As the couple, what you say goes- within reason. Most people want their wedding to be an elegant affair, so it’s typical to opt for at least a suit for the men. A tuxedo will be more appropriate if you’re aiming at a black-tie wedding or evening celebration. That said, there are weddings where this level of formality would be inappropriate- think casual beach weddings or a daytime tropical destination that’s better suited by smart-casual or even casual dress codes. And some couples want a quirky, intimate celebration that reflects their personalities and not some proscribed basics.

If you’re a guest instead of the groom, take your guidance from the wedding invite, and when in doubt, ask the couple. You typically want to be on par, or at least only a step behind, with the formality of the wedding party but not at risk of upstaging the groom. If all else fails, pick a smart suit- it’s always better to be a little overdressed than not. No one will be offended that you went the extra mile! Our article linked above offers some more assistance.

Does The Suit Color Matter at Weddings?

While there were once very strict etiquette rules around colors to not wear at weddings, much of it has fallen away in recent years. For example, black dresses and green anything would once have scandalized people, but it’s now typical for female attendees to wear a ‘little black dress,’ and sage green is actually one of the most popular wedding colors at the moment!

However, it will always be terrible form to peacock, or upstage, the couple. For guests, it’s generally smart to veer away from the wedding colors as much as is reasonable for this reason unless specifically asked otherwise. Likewise, overly-bold colors are best reserved for the wedding party. While a white dinner jacket is a-ok on men at a black tie celebration, we’d also avoid white otherwise unless you know for certain the couple is avoiding this traditional color. That goes for white-adjacent shades like ivory and cream, too. And for men, a black suit can be a little funerary (except for the wedding party itself, where it’s a common choice).

Of course, if it’s your wedding, you can set your colors as you please, and even make reasonable requests of the guests as well as your wedding party. But try to be reasonable. If you’re asking the groomsmen to shell out big bucks on a bespoke suit, make it a color they can wear more than once and use more budget-friendly accessories like pocket squares, socks, ties, or shirts for less practical colors.

Where to Buy Wedding Suits in 2023

dark grey linen tuxedo by Oliver Wicks

Hopefully, you’re now feeling a lot more confident about the ins and outs of choosing the perfect suits for your wedding. Now it’s time to find a vendor that’s just as perfect! Here are some trusted options focused on classic, timeless, and stylish men’s wedding attire that will leave you looking and feeling great on your special day, hassle-free. No matter what you’re looking for in your wedding suit, you’re sure to find a great fit here- pun wholly intended!

Oliver Wicks

Best known for sartorial elegance and fantastic quality at an attractive price, Oliver Wicks is proud to offer made-to-measure suiting options individually crafted for the groom and his team. They're a firm believer in helping you find ‘the fit that suits you’ so you can have the utmost confidence in the power of your look and the added confidence to sparkle alongside your partner on your special day. Using the very best Italian and English fabrics, and European master tailors, to produce high-quality tuxedos and suits to your specific measurements, you and your groomsmen will be able to enjoy investment pieces with a practical value that can be re-worn for years to come. And you’ll be surprised at how pleasant the price tag is, especially for made-to-measure fits of this quality. Sizing is simplicity itself, with a series of knowledgeable tutorials on measuring for your suit available with an account on the site (no purchase necessary). Super useful for daily life as well as your wedding, so we suggest you sign up! It can be accessed in minutes through any page on their site.

The Oliver Wicks team offers personalized advice based on a decade of knowledge at the forefront of European men’s fashion styles and spectacular customer service. For wedding parties, they will liaise individually with each of the groomsmen about their particular garment while keeping the groom in the loop as to the overall order, taking away planning stress without risking mistakes. Their suit ranges are based on sartorially elegant and classic choices, but they do have some bolder colors on offer (think plum, forest green, and burgundy). If you’re looking to create an Instagram-worthy masculine look that fits like a dream without designer price tags, this is a vendor to have on your shortlist.

The Tie Bar

The Tie Bar offers a one-stop shop for everything you need to complete your wedding look- from the tux to (of course) the tie. They’re particularly known for a unique virtual styling option, which allows you to create your entire wedding look without the need for in-person appointments. A wealth of customization options are on offer, from fabrics to patterns. As with Oliver Wicks, they invest in helping the wedding party to create the perfect ensemble, guiding the couple through their options and advising on the best accessories and matching items from their catalog, and will plan up to three sessions with you to build your ensemble. 

If you’re looking to cut through the confusion, they offer a wealth of on-site options to narrow down their catalog by pattern, color, inspiration, or category, as well as some pre-assembled color and favorite collections if you are really looking for a simple all-in-one choice. Their collections are created in-house, and while these are not made-to-measure options, their quality is great, and the price point is affordable. The biggest appeal for The Tie Bar is the simplicity of creating a holistic wedding look (they offer female garment options, too) even if you’re overwhelmed, and a strong dedication to customer service.

The Groomsman Suit

The Groomsman Suit seeks to offer to-own men’s wedding attire options at a price point lower than renting. So this is a fantastic vendor for budget-friendly wedding suits that still bring care and attention to detail to the table. Of course, this means you will not get a custom fit, but their virtual size guide is well respected and accurate, ensuring a good match that’s comfortable to wear. They also offer a digital try-on booth, where you can upload a picture and get a better idea of how each offer will look on you specifically. You will receive a 30-minute online consultation to help you narrow down your options, and you can leverage their ‘home trial’ to see some of their items up close, too.

While you won’t have access to some of the fancier features of higher-quality or custom wedding suits, the Groomsman Suit fulfills its mission to a tee- a solid range of suits and a budget-friendly price tag that comes with a better-than-average customer focus for the range. They have a simple array of popular colors, including some bright and trendy options (like rust, a hot wedding color at the moment) for grooms looking for something a little different, too.

Just remember that low-budget suits are that way for a reason. At this price point, you’ll be mostly limited to artifical fabrics, which are not always very comfortable, or durable.


Crew is, of course, not a wedding-specific vendor. However, they’ve long been known as a go-to option for solid and sophisticated mid-range suits with great style, quality fabric, and trustworthy construction, and there’s no reason not to leverage that for your wedding party. With both brick-and-mortar and digital shopping options, you have a range of convenient choices open to you, too. They also offer an online order and pick up in-store option that could be very useful if your groomsmen are coming from a range of geographic locations. Their signature suit line is the Ludlow, with both structured and unstructured options open to you for added versatility, but they have several you can explore.

While you won’t find the extra wedding-focused suiting services here, it’s a convenient, simple, and trustworthy source for great suits at reasonable prices and a name that’s immediately recognizable to most people, with great re-wear potential. You have a choice of interaction points and are sure to find a solid, basic suit option that will work for your wedding party. If you’re looking for ease and convenience and don’t want to be locked to one vendor for all your items, add them to the list.


If you’d rather explore a cheaper custom wedding suit option, then Sartoro may be worth adding to the list. They use wool blends and have some lighter-suiting fabrics on offer for summertime weddings, too. As they offer female wedding garments as well, you have options like creating pocket squares or ties in the same fabric as bridesmaids’ dresses, which can be a very convenient touch. They also have a wide range of classic suit colors on offer, alongside some with a brighter wedding feel.

They offer a ‘digital tailor’ to assist you with sizing and a dazzling range of customization options- from jacket styles to lapels, buttons, lining, and more. You can also organize a digital consultation with them through their website. They’re a solid option for premium-feel suits that won’t break the bank, and the superlative level of customization will help you match any wedding look.


One of the best-known luxury department stores, it likely comes as no surprise to learn that Nordstrom has a huge range of suit and tuxedo brands for your wedding. From comfortable budget options right through to designer labels, there’s something for every look and price point. They now offer a digital video chat option to help walk you through your wedding attire planning, and their virtual appointments are free, too. A consultant will then assemble a few options for you, based on the consultation and the fit preferences and styles you narrowed down, and you can choose your purchases from there. Items are shipped for at-home try-on, and you can schedule a follow-up virtual appointment to assess the fit too. Alterations can be done at a local Nordstrom store.

If you’re looking for a wide selection of classic suits or tuxedos with some extra assistance to navigate your options, Nordstrom could be a fantastic option for you. As with J.Crew, the widespread nature of the store chain could be of benefit to grooms trying to coordinate a large or far-flung wedding party, with groomsmen able to finalize their fit at a local store after a central ordering process for simplicity.


Bonobos offers both suits and tuxedos in both classic and wedding color palettes. Before we get too deep, it’s worth noting that Bonobos is not available to European readers sadly. With great quality for a reasonable price, they offer their ‘guides,’ or virtual consultants via video appointment, to help you navigate their options and find the perfect match. You have near-unlimited access to the chatbot consultation service, which comes free, and they offer a wealth of wedding styling advice for you. As with many of the other vendors on our list, the suits are of solid quality with great re-wear potential, too. 

While the suits are off-the-rack, they offer an expanded size collection, and with the help of the Bonobos-trained stylist, you’re sure to find a match for every one of your groomsmen. Free returns and exchanges should help offset any sizing worries, too. They use Italian-sourced fabrics in mostly modern silhouettes across a range of dress codes, so you’re sure to find something you like.


Your wedding day is one of the milestone moments of your life, and everyone wants to look great for it. With these expert tips, tricks, and trusted vendors compiled by the Oliver Wicks team, you’re hopefully feeling a whole lot more confident about ensuring the groom and his special people look perfect on the Big Day. 

If you have any other questions or need help planning and ordering the men’s wedding attire of your dreams, our team of knowledgeable experts is only an email away, so feel free to reach out to us at custom@oliverwicks.com. It’s time to make the wedding of your dreams a reality!